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Controller Software Firmware Date Download
4SAVE BEST, 4SAVE ECO 4SAVE Soft A1.15 2018-11-05 4SAVE Soft Setup.exe


1. Improved detection of petrol injection pulses in case of no PInj+.
2. Improved OBD communication algorithm for vehicles with 2 OBD devices. (ECU + automatic gear box).
3. Fixed bug – (not correct OBD correction reading (Astra 2006 1,8)).
4. Improved MAP reading through OBD.
5. (Auto-Adaption) now blocked in case of MAP signal not avaliable.
6. Collecting petrol inj. maps blocked now in case of MAP signal not avaliable.
7. Added Injector heating settings.
8. Improved switchover on cold engine algorithm.
9. Improved P->G overlapping and G->P overlapping algorithm.
10. Added Switchover to gas sound settings.
11. Added No Error if lost OBD conn. settings.
12. Improved Petrol injection pulses reading in case of ignition is switched off.
13. Improved OBD connection error detection in case of no PInj+.

1. Improved detection of fuel system status (OBD).
2. Improved OBD communication (ISO14230 fast init) algorithm.
3. Improved OBD interface searching algorithm.
4. Improved LTFT changing (Auto-Adaption) algorithm.
5. Fixed bug – (in some cases did not save error occurrence dates and/or OBD erase history dates).
6. Improved petrol injection sequence detection algorithm.

1. Improved error detection algorithm in the electro valve circuit.
2. Improved control panel LED switching off when ignition wire connected to Battery+ (positive).
3. Improved ignition detection.
4. Improved low voltage supply error detection.
5. Improved RPM error detection.
6. Improved petrol injection error detection.
7. Improved OBD interface searching algorithm.
8. Improved OBD connecting algorithm (5Baud) after ignition is switched on.
9. Improved OBD connection error detection (after ignition off).
10. Improved OBD communication algorithm.
11. Improved cut-off detection algorithm.
12. Improved petrol switchover algorithm.
13. Added Start-Stop system settings in engine parameters.
14. Improved lambda sensor errors detection algorithm.
15. Improved RPM reading through OBD (CAN).
16. Improved switchover on cold engine algorithm.
17. Improved algorithm for communication with switch.

1. Improved (TuneOBD) target map collecting algorithm
2. Improved OBD error auto erase algorithm.
3. Improved manifold pressure reading through OBD.
4. Improved lambda sensor reading through OBD.
5. Added RPM map with the ability to disable adaption for specific areas.
6. Added adaption in OL handling.
7. Added "Petrol addition" option for active OL adaption and lean mixture.
8. Added errors/warnings in case of lambda failure.
9. Changed algorithm for STFT calculation in adaption.
10. Improved detection of fully open gas injectors.
11. Improved OBD communication algorithm for vehicles with 2 OBD devices.
12. Improved wide band lambda sensor reading through OBD.
13. Improved user OBD PID-s reading algorithm.
14. Changed method of connection with OBD to allow for external connection with scan tool when in Petrol Mode.
15. RPM calculation changed for OBD connection.
16. Added option to select connected lambda sensor type.
17. Minimum adaption temperature changed to 60 [C].
18. Faster LTFT changing in adaption.
19. Changed deflection calculation for Tune adaption, allowing for faster response to petrol injection difference.
20. Added Erased OBD error history.
21. Improved algorithm for adding errors to the Error code list.
22. Improved OBD reader refresh rate.
23. Added current Gas ECU Status panel
24. Improved algorithm for switchover to petrol for the purpose of collecting target maps for adaption.
25. Improved "auto stop" algorithm for adaption TuneOBD.
26. OBD connection failure will not now cause switchover to petrol.
27. Improved cut-off detection algorithm.
28. Improved "No RPM" error algorithm.

1. Added Valvetronic and Wankel engines support.
2. Added adaption based on petrol inj. maps. (Tune) and OBD (TuneOBD).
3. Following options added:
- Disable buzzer sound
- Disable check LED (disable the "check" LED in the switch)
4. VERY IMPORTANT - Fixed a bug where pressure and temperature characteristic for the selected gas injector was lost after ECU reset.
After uploading this firmware, please select ‘Gas injector type’ once again to load the correct characteristic.
5. Fixed bug - too long calibration time error when waiting for reducer temperature.
6. Fixed bug - automatic switchover to gas during auto-calibration when waiting for reducer temperature.
7. Fixed bug - ECU switch to standby mode if firmware update is started when engine is running.
8. Fixed bug - Impossible to set non-zero cylinder switchover when gas inj. sequence advanced.
9. "Max Gas injection time" option now works without the need to switch ignition off and on.
10. Changed minimum manifold pressure on petrol injection maps to 0.1 [bar].
11. Added OBD correction reduction.
12. Added ‘fuel overlapping’ during switchover from petrol-to-gas and from gas-to-petrol.

1. MAP reading through OBD option now working.
2. Added CAN extended support.
3. Added (ISO9141, ISO14230..) support.
4. Added automatic OBD interface detection.
5. Improved gas injectors control algorithm.
6. ECU now sets Max gas pressure after calibration.
7. Improved communication with the switch.
8. Improved setting algorithm for the 'too high gas pressure' error.
9. Improved RPM detection when connected to OBD.
10. Added VIN reading if connected to OBD.
11. Added feature - OBD speed.
12. Added error if incorrect OBD interface is detected.
13. Improved accuracy of the Gas Injectors Control algorithms.
14. Fixed the error of fast switching from petrol to gas with a button when "fast start" option active.
15. Improved RPM reading from petrol injection pulses.
16. Improved MAP reading by OBD.
17. Improved default settings for OBD.
18. Improved base pressure correction.

1. Improved maps after calibration, added one additional point before the calibration point.
2. Improved Automatic OBD error erase algorithm.

1. Fixed bug when saving Emergency starts count in settings.
2. Added OBD support (currently only CAN STD 500K).
- reading stored petrol ECU errors.
- reading pending petrol ECU errors.
- erasing petrol ECU errors.
- reading user PID-s (OBD reader).
- automatic error clearing.
3. Fixed bug - not saving engine type to EEPROM.
4. Fixed bug - changing maps of petrol injection times and MAP correction maps after uploading settings.
5. Added Freeze frame feature.
6. Changed maps after calibration (number of available points).
7. Reduced time constant for gas level measurement.
8. Added option to supply the gas level sensor from solenoid valve.
9. Added Petrol injection time map erasing after auto-calibration.
10. Optimised auto-calibration times.
11. Improved map after calibration if reducer pipe is not connected.
12. Resolved problem with improper error display in case of low voltage supply.

1. Added injection type feature: sequential/semi-sequential...
2. Added fast start feature
3. Added max gas injection time on cold engine
4. Improved extra injection cutting algorithm
4. Added MAZDA algorithm support
5. Added gas injector flow correction
6. Added gas injector open/close time correction
7. Added gas injection sequence
8. Added gas pressure release


1. Improved osc files reading.
2. Improved languages files.

1. Added greek language file.

1. Added ukrainian language file.

1. Added window with OBD errors erasing history.
2. Fixed bug, yet to saving petrol injection maps in settings file.
3. Added Demo mode in Connection Menu.
4. If the PC code in the modification list same as your PC code is displayed - your PC code.
5. Improved PL language file.

1. Added Bulgarian language.
2. Fixed bug – can now disable the signal on the oscilloscope.

1. Added support information when opening corrupted file should the ‘File Corrupted’ message appear.
2. Automatic window with adaption data showing after connecting with ECU in case of adaption is on.
3. Improved Petrol injection maps.
4. Fixed bug – now shows Map Changing when inverted RPM option is selected.
5. Added ability to change injection time precision (showing value), once Injection Time Value has been clicked.
6. Improved lambda symbol for wide band lambda sensor in OBD reader window.
7. Changed dot size on 3D maps and added dot on 2D map.
8. Added coloured Error Tab for when errors appear on the list.


Controller Approval Date Download
4SAVE BEST, 4SAVE ECO 10R 2016-07-25 E8_10_8712_00.pdf
4SAVE BEST, 4SAVE ECO 67R 2016-07-25 E8_67_8713_00.pdf
4SAVE BEST, 4SAVE ECO 110R 2016-07-25 E8_110_8714_00.pdf

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