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With our many years of experience in the LPG/CNG industry, our technical team know how vital it is to remain one-step-ahead in the fast paced petrol/gas and diesel/gas conversion industry. Today’s engines are controlled by a highly advanced on-board computer (ECU), which must perform to the highest standard while being tough enough to withstand the harsh environment of an engine compartment. To meet those demands, we have created the world’s first (24-pin) LPG/CNG system, which is capable of controlling 4 cylinder petrol engines requiring the compatibility with OBD2/EOBD protocols. Our premium class 24-pin connection electronics are competitively priced against the simpler and less advanced controllers available from our competitors, and do not require additional adapters. Our technologically advanced products meet the highest quality standards and are among the most reliable on the market today.


For optimum performance, all components used in our Auto-Gas electronics are the same standard as those used by the original car manufacturer. We use a 32-bit processor, which comes from the automotive industry and is supplied by the manufacturer of the original equipment (OEM). Our systems are based on components specifically created for use by the automotive industry, and are subjected to rigorous environmental tests, ensuring they are safe and reliable in the demanding environment of your engine compartment. Our advanced algorithm ensures our system is secured from unauthorized modifications and cloning.


Converting a vehicle from conventional fuel to LPG/CNG is advantageous both economically and environmentally. Our systems are fully compatible with the most stringent emission tests including EURO V and VI. Best of all, once you have converted to LPG/CNG the car’s performance will be of the same high standard as when you purchased it from the manufacturer.

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