• Cylinder capacity
4 4 6 8
  • Connector – pin quantity
24 24 56 56
  • Housing
composite- aluminum composite- aluminum aluminum aluminum
  • 32-bit automotive processor
  • Compatibility of 4SAVE SOFT through Bluetooth
  • Compatibility with many types of gas injector including those of <=1[Ω] resistance
  • Compatibility with BOSCH pressure sensor
  • Compatibility with PT01 pressure sensor
  • Gas injector warm up
  • Full any-short circuit and overload protection
  • Semiconductor emulation
  • The control of petrol injectors from ground current
  • Injection measurement accuracy of 0,001[ms]
  • ECU temperature measurement
  • Lambda Probe facility
  • Servicing two voltage lambdas simultaneously
  • Current lambda service
  • Compatibility with RENIX
  • Quick LPG/CNG installation shut down option
  • Notifications and errors sound signal
  • Extra petrol injection option
  • The integrated OBD function
  • Anti-cloning algorithm
  • Operation without connected RPM signal
  • Operation without "an ignition" voltage signal
  • Option to expand by additional external equipment
  • Compatible with EURO V emission norms
  • Integrated gas temperature and gas pressure corrections
  • Dynamic RPM correction map
  • Reducer temperature correction map
  • Gas temperature correction map
  • Gas pressure correction map
  • Additional corrections of the gas flow and the opening of the gas injectors
  • Oscilloscope measurement of installation parameters
  • Compatibility with VALVETRONIC and WANKEL engines
  • Compatibility with naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines
  • Compatibility with all types of petrol injection (sequential, semi-sequential, full-group)
  • Option to set the maximum engine load and engine RPMs on gas
  • Option to lower the gas pressure
  • Reminder when gas service overdue
  • Quick start option
  • RPM signal filter option
  • Automatic injection type detection
  • Adaption from MAP
  • LPG and CNG fuel compatibility
  • Option to get the RPM signal from the camshaft position sensor
  • Option to permanently shut down each gas injector
  • Emergency engine start on gas
  • Automatic calibration of the fuel level sensor
  • Last refuelling registry
  • Overlapping fuels
  • The last refueling registry
  • "Fuel leaning on cold engine" option
  • LPG/CNG fuel supply system leakage test
  • Option to set RPM demise time
  • Option to display the history of changes in the ECU
  • The absolute/differential pressure value
  • Automatic OBD protocol detection
  • Compatibility with OBD (CAN) protocol
  • Compatibility with OBD (K-LINE) protocol
  • OBD parameters monitoring
  • Adaption based on vehicle’s ECU corrections TuneOBD
  • OBD Inverted fuel trim corrections
  • Option to calculate engine load for Valvetronic from OBD
  • Program automatically adjusts to your screen resolution
  • 2D injection timing map
  • Extra injection cut off threshold
  • The reducer pressure decrease (emptying)
  • Maximum number or emergency start up setting
  • Sound signal for emergency engine start
  • Gas pressure sensor error detection
  • Auto-calibration – all at once
  • Automatic auto-adaptation system Tune
  • Compatibility with CP-01 switch
  • Switch visualization in diagnostic program
  • Frozen frames for ECU’s errors
  • Information about the vehicle and gas installation
  • Percentage of petrol – dynamic map of extra petrol injection
  • Intelligent extra injection function
  • Detection of absence and overload of electro valve
  • Buzzer, electro valve and injectors test
  • Option to change the injection sequence
  • Option to block the engine operation on gas – service time
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