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Controller MAX
Controller MAX


  • 56 pin lpg/cng controller with integrated obd (can and k-line)
  • Designed for the most advanced 8 cylinder engines
  • Automatic auto-adaptation system (tuneobd) with two independent engine banks
  • Expended obd scanner with automatic error clearance
  • Can be expanded by additional external equipment
  • Anti-clone algorithm
  • Integrated fuel pressure and fuel level emulator
  • Can connect 2 voltage lambda probes
  • Tight aluminum housing
Controller MAX

Max is a controller designed especially for the most advanced 5-8 cyl. engines with sequential fuel injection.

Controller MAX

32-bit processor

Our systems are controlled by a state-of-the-art 32-bit processor, which is used in the automotive industry and fitted as standard in OEM vehicle computers.


Built-In OBD Communication Module is compatible with the following protocols:

  • ISO 9141-2
  • ISO 14230-4 5 baud
  • ISO 14230-4 fast init
  • CAN STD 250K
  • CAN STD 500K
  • CAN EXT 250K
  • CAN EXT 500K

Due to our extensive compatibility with OBD protocols, our ECU can be connected to the majority of modern vehicles. 

Auto-adaptation system (tuneOBD)

The Auto-Adaptation System (tune) automatically adjusts the ECU to optimal working parameters, to allow the engine to receive the correct fuel mixture without the vehicle’s diagnostic system detecting errors. The algorithm uses the settings from the OBD in the ‘online’ mode.

Impeccable Accuracy

Thanks to the application of the high-end 32bit processor, the signals can be precisely measured. This is vital when it comes to the Petrol Injection Signal, which is measured to a 0,001 [ms] – 1 microsecond

Dynamic correction maps

Our controller is equipped with a variety of additional configuration options, allowing the setting of Dynamic Correction Maps:

  • Dynamic RPM correction map
  • Dynamic gas pressure correction map, gas temperature, reducer temperature
  • Additional petrol injection map (valve safety, assists in the reduction of valve seat recession)

With these options, even the most demanding vehicles can be easily and transparently calibrated for optimum performance.

OBD scanner, automatic error constellation

Our ECU has a built in OBD Scan Tool Facility, through which the engine’s working parameters and fuel trims are monitored, and fuelling corrections automatically made. Our ECU is wired directly to the rear of the OBD Port and can erase any OBD errors registered during the vehicle’s drive cycle.

4SAVE Soft – diagnostic program

Our systems are built with a state-of-the-art, user-friendly diagnostic program. The program automatically adjusts to your computer screen and allows for clear system configuration. Our program may be customised with your company logo and brand name. Our system can be easily connected to your computer via USB or Bluetooth.


LPG/CNG controller

panel A modern and progressive digital control panel is installed in the driver’s cabin with an integrated buzzer to indicate Low Gas Level and a LED indicator for Full Gas Level. An additional LED is included to signal any system errors. With our special connectors, the installation of the stylish control panel is quick and easy.

A high quality wire connector set, allowing for quick and easy installation, thanks to our optimally combined wires.

To choose from:

czujnik-cisnienia1 Integrated gas pressure and gas temperature sensor from BOSCH giving the option to connect to a factory pressure sensor in the intake manifold.

czujnik-cisnienia2 Integrated gas pressure and gas temperature sensor PTS01, which has 2 independent gas pressure sensors and a vacuum sensor in the intake manifold.

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